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Material selection // material and durability test // tolerance specification

Material selection // material and durability test // tolerance specification

Material selection: Choosing the right rubber material depends on many different parameters: operating temperature, weather and ozone, contact media, dynamic load, ...


The required function of the rubber roller and the prevailing conditions of use are the most important criteria for choosing the right rubber quality. Even the development of a new rubber compound can be necessary to obtain all the desired properties. Here we differentiate between the following properties (excerpt):


  • MECHANICAL: hardness (Shore A, IRHD) // tear resistance and elongation at break // tear-growth resistance // abrasion // elasticity //compression set
  • THERMAL: thermal conductivity // thermal expansion
  • ELECTRICAL: volume resistance (insulating, antistatic, conductive)
  • CHEMICAL: oil // fuel //solvents // water // acids // alkalis // ...


Material and durability test:In cooperation with our laboratory, we are able to use various tests to assess the behavior of a rubber compound against environmental influences or various contact media. This includes e.g. the classic swelling test. However, since laboratory conditions never prevail in practice, but many other influencing factors come along, we also have the opportunity to test rubber rollers in liquid contact media under realistic, dynamic conditions using our roller test bench. Here, a pair of rollers is tested under constant rotation in the contact medium. Thus it is possible to replicate realistic conditions of use, e.g. of a CtP processor.

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